What is Hope Reins of Raleigh?
Hope Reins of Raleigh is a Christian equine ministry that pairs rescued horses with children in need to find hope and healing.

Hope Reins is unique in that we offer a one-on-one mentoring program where each child partners with a caring volunteer leader and horse. This allows for a very private, customized session for the child geared to their specific need or unique situation.

What kind of children does Hope Reins of Raleigh serve?
We are privileged to serve children ages 5 to 18 that are dealing with difficult life issues such as trauma, abuse, illness or may live in a high-risk environment. Any "therapy" that is done at Hope Reins is done by our "equine counselors" - the horses.

What do you charge for a child to attend the program at Hope Reins of Raleigh?
Our program is absolutely free of charge. The only requirement for children is that they have an open heart and want to attend.

What do the children do during the sessions?
A typical session will last from 90 minutes and may begin with a leader and child working on a farm chore, learning about basic horse care, horsemanship skills including riding and ground work, as well as fun games and a time of devotion.

Where are you located?
We are located at Creedmoor Road and I-540. Click here for more directions.

When are the operating hours?
Hope Reins is open for sessions by appointment.

Can I visit Hope Reins?
We would love to have you visit our facility. We are open for tours each Saturday at 10AM. Please feel free to call our office at (919) 345-4914 or by e-mail at [email protected] for more information and to let us know you are coming, but no need to call ahead- just show up! We are closed on several holiday weekends throughout the year; please see our home page for current information.

How do I refer a child for a session?
You can contact [email protected] or call (919) 345-4914 to inquire about enrolling in our sessions program.

Can I send my child by themselves for a session at Hope Reins?
Part of our focus at Hope Reins is to bring families together. Because of this principle we ask that parents accompany their child. A parent's presence is quite often central to a child's healing process.

When are the sessions held?
Sessions are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week, as well as every other Saturday for group roundups. Sessions are closed to the public. Email Pat Zimmerman: [email protected]
How many families are you serving? HR has served more than 300 and has conducted over 1000 sessions since opening our gates.

How do I volunteer? Please visit our volunteer page for more information and to download a volunteer application. The form indicates the types of volunteer opportunities that are available.

How did Hope Reins of Raleigh get started?
Kim Tschirret, founder of Hope of Reins of Raleigh, grew up in dysfunctional family affected deeply by alcoholism. "I did not have God in my life at that point, so my horse was my comfort," she says.

After learning about Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Oregon and reading the book Hope Rising by its owner, Kim Meeder, Kim (Tschirret) felt compelled to bring that same comfort to hurting children in Raleigh. She launched Hope Reins of Raleigh in June 2010, a non-profit organization that pairs kids with abused or neglected horses for mutual healing.

When Does Hope Reins Operate?
Our hours of operation vary depending on the time of the year. Contact us directly for more information.

How many horses does the ranch have?
Currently we have 14 horses at Hope Reins of Raleigh. You can click here to learn more about each of our horses.

Is Hope Reins of Raleigh a religious organization?
No. Hope Reins is not associated with any particular religious congregation. We are a faith-based organization, founded on the one true God and the saving grace of His son Jesus Christ. Faith on the property is "lived" not "preached," and it is our greatest desire to serve God by demonstrating our faith through action.

If I make a donation, where does it go?
Unless otherwise designated by the giver, all monetary donations go into the general operating fund. These funds are used to pay for the care and feeding of our horses, program expenses, property maintenance, and other expenses.

Are donations Tax-deductible?
Being that Hope Reins is a non profit 501 (c)(3) organization, we can supply tax receipts for all donations that include but are not limited to: monetary donations, horse tack, farm equipment, feed, land, building supplies, horses, etc.  

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